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Earlier this year the publisher informed me that the last few hundred books need to cleared, having sold over 4000 copies since publication in 2012. I bought all these books. The book might be a nice gift for someone over the forthcoming festive season.

Since buying the remainder stock from publisher LAPA in August, about 150 of each Astronomy Within Reach and Sterrekunde Binne Bereik have been bought - many of them by those who bought the book several years ago and have ordered further copies at the hugely discounted price as gifts for family and friends.

You are welcome to contact me directly at (use @ symbol in place of AT) to place an order.


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I will be at Scopex 2017 on Saturday 16 Sep where the books will be available at a Show Special of R100.


Written for the layman in a relaxed style, the book shows how anyone, using only their eyes or binoculars, can actively participate in astronomy. For instance, the book explains how to see Venus in daylight and how to watch the moons of Jupiter change position during the course of an evening.

Astronomy Within Reach is also ideally suited to scholars and educators, being a resource not only for teaching astronomy, but also for learning about general scientific principles such as ellipses. Learn too why the names of the days of the week are all derived from astronomy.

- See how the stars vary greatly in distance from us by viewing star fields with the supplied 3D glasses.

- Understand why we see the planets where and when we do.

- More than 200 colour photographs and diagrams.

- Understand scale by imagining a miniature Solar System where the Sun is on Nelson Mandela bridge in Johannesburg and the planets are proportionally placed all the way to Neptune on Church Square in Pretoria.

- Why is the sky blue and why are there 366 days in a year?

The book has been available since mid-June 2012 and can be ordered directly from the author Neville Young. He will sign the book on request. The book is also available in most book stores country-wide. Neville is the owner of Starwaders- Science Education through Astronomy.

It has been most gratifying to see the comments and read the reviews. Read what people are saying about it


Book Price: R150
(excluding post and packaging)

Place an order by emailing the author at (use @ symbol in place of AT).

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